Be blunt and glow with these two makeup trends this year

Highlighter shall no longer be confined to just the cheekbones for this incoming 2018 trend. Whether you prefer to use it on your cupid’s bow or cheekbones, don’t be afraid to illuminate your skin all over using the affordable makeup services at Boca Raton.

Don’t be bold this year, just glow after getting your hair done at our blowout dry hair salon. However, it’s not easy without prepping the skin first. It’s important to use a brightening base after you get your hair blow dried by our wonderful stylists. Use your basic foundation to create a glowing base, and use a big powder brush to softly dust the highest points of your face.

A natural glow is the new bold, but don’t just take our word for it, visit our salon to get the Simply Glo-ing look, and you’ll already be ahead of the 2018 makeup trend. Don’t be afraid to ask our stylists to make sure your face glows all over.

But don’t just stop there, pair your natural glow look with blunt eyeliner. If you prefer to stay safe and use the cat eye look go ahead, but using a dark brown or black graphic liner to create a soft wing with a blunt line will make the trend extra spicy.

Let our professionals at the salon give you a Glo Dry paired with a blunt graphic liner. To create s soft rounded wing, use a small brush. At the salon, the artists can customize your look for you so that you are ahead of the trends but still embracing your style.

Whether you decide to only go with the natural glowing look, the blunt liner look, or both, let the professionals at Glo Girl Blow Dry and Makeup Bar spice up your look and enhance your style without taking over your style.