Are you short on time but need to get your wig glammed up? If the mere mention of a hair salon visit makes you cringe with flashbacks of watching person after person getting waited on before you even though you’ve made an appointment in advance, or thinking back on how you had to spend hours under the hot blow dryer only to see the sun has long been set by the time your appointment is over, then it sounds like you’ve about had your fill of the average, and all too common dreaded salon experience.

Well you’re in for a treat, come to GloGirl, Florida’s newest and hottest blow dry bar. Located in the heart of central Boca Raton, situated right between Town Center Mall and Mizner Park. Gone are the days where you have to cancel all of your plans for the day just to get your hair done.


Just like the hair that grows out of your head, wigs also need love and care. They can get tangled, matted or dull, and definitely need to be shampooed and conditioned. Although human hair wigs, required a slightly different approach than when carting for your wig, than synthetic hair wig does.


People wear wigs for many reasons. Some people wear them for the ease of being able to throw it on and go. Wigs can be a great option for those with a busy life that do not have time to style their hair every day. Others may wear it for health reasons. For example, those that are experiencing chemo or suffering from hair loss to stress or a more underlying condition such as alopecia. Other people may wear a wig in order to switch up their look.


Wigs have evolved tremendously! These are not the same wigs that you’ve seen your great grandma wearing back in the day. There are u-parts, full wigs, and half-wigs, that are both available in synthetic and human hair. All of these reasons listed, are why you will see a wide range of different individuals choosing wo wear a wig.
You can go from long hair to short hair, experience with different colors, have bone straight hair one day and tightly curled coils the next, all without incurring any damage to your natural hair. Our professional staff with go over what styles and options that you’d like for your wig, and how they’re going to achieve it.


At GloGirl, we offer the works! This includes a professional cut, highlights, low lights, or even full color, along with other treatments that will rejuvenate and reinvent your wig. We accomplish all of this with just a fraction of the time and cost that you would normally spend at another salon. We have different services for you to choose from, and they are all offered at a very reasonable price.

The options of which services you’d like to receive are very versatile. Whether you want your wig to be reinvented into a bleach blonde pixie cut, or a long brunette beachy wave style with highlights, our staff can do both of those options as well as everything in between. You can choose from one of the many styles that we offer and one of our professional cosmetologists will style your hair like you’ve never been styled before! The best part is, we do all of this without making you sit in our chair or under the dryer for hours and hours.

We are committed to making this the best experience possible, and one thing that we don’t do is skip on service, that’s why we also have our experienced make-up artists available just in case you want a quick face beat to finish off your look.


Really any occasion is suitable, we are very versatile in the services that we offer. We can accommodate bridal parties, a girl’s day out, or even a birthday experience. But in reality, the only excuse that you need to come in and get pampered is simply because well, you deserve it.


Well the answer is simple, everyone! Anyone who wants to have a salon experience without the treacherously long drawn out wait that normally comes with a day at the salon, then this is for you.

We’ve had everyone from CEO’s, to college students come in for a wig treatment. If you’re a housewife that just needs a little pampering and me time or want to have a girls day out with your friends, then a GloGirl trip is just what the doctor ordered. At GloGirl we provide a comfortable, relaxing environment and give you an experience that only our professional staff can offer. Whether you want curly, wavy, or straight hair, we gladly welcome and offer services for all hair texture and skin types.


At GloGirl, we make it completely easy for you to receive our services at your convenience. We know how busy and stressful that the hustle of everyday life can be, and our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to come in, relax, and get pampered. We give you the option of making an appointment online, by phone, or you can come in and make it in person. Or, if you find that you suddenly have the afternoon free, we do accept walk-ins as well.

Our approach is simple, we want you to have the best salon experience that you’ve ever had, without breaking the bank or throwing your entire day away. When you put your hair into the care of our experienced and capable hands, the only thing you’ll have to worry about is sitting back, relaxing, and letting us pamper you. So, go online, call or walk on in and make an appointment today, we look forward to showing you exactly what you’ve been missing out on when it comes to glamming up your wig.