The Finest 100% Human Hair Wigs & Hair Extensions in Boca Raton, FL

GloGirl offers the finest 100% human hair and customizable wigs, falls, toppers, and extensions. A luxury once limited to models and celebrities only, now you too can have a fine customized hair piece!

We specialize in customization and all hair pieces are customized to your specific needs. Each piece is done to your specifications in accordance with color, size, and style preference. We offer several styling services; choose from full cuts, bang trims, color, highlights, wash & set, styled up-dos, and conditioning treatments. Whether you find yourself in need of help with Alopecia, chemotherapy side effects, religious observation, or general hair loss, we are here to help!


A wig is a full head covering that can be worn to conceal hair loss as well as a way to switch up hair styles and looks with ease. Possessing advantage in versatility, they can be cut and styled in a way that specifically suits your style and taste. They are also more durable when properly cared for. While many individuals may wear them for fun and to switch up their look, they can also be used to help combat the appearance of hair loss.

Hair Extension

Hair extensions can come in many styles, colors, and forms of application. Human hair has an advantage here as well, as it blends more naturally due to its real look and feel. It is also easier to style and can last longer with the proper care. They can be made with different forms of application, such as: clip-in wefts, tape-ins, sew-ins, microlink, and fusion or pre-bonded hair.


While a wig provides total head coverage, a topper is a hair piece that provides coverage for a targeted area. Sometimes called “wiglets”, they are also ideal for those who wish to add volume and fullness to thinning or loss of hair on the crown of the head. They are lightweight and a great natural look that typically helps people with gradual hair loss.


A fall is a partial wig, essentially ¾ of a standard cap. They resemble a clip-in weft, but larger in size than your standard clip-in hair extension. These custom hair pieces can easily transform your hair in a matter of seconds. They work great to conceal areas of thinning hair and hair loss while adding volume with a natural look.

Get Your Custom Hair Pieces Today!

At GloGirl, we customize the hair piece of your choice to your specifications in accordance with size, color, and style preference. Our specialty is custom color and sizing! If your visit is sensitive in nature, rest assured we handle all chemotherapy and medical needs privately, comfortably, and discreetly. Here at GloGirl, we believe that you, our customers, should always feel confident, beautiful, and Glo from within!

Head over to our VIP Hair Lounge or give us a call for a no obligation consultation! As always, we encourage scheduling your appointment with us ahead of time in order to provide you with dedicated service!

We offer: Wigs, Extensions, Toppers, Falls

  • All hair pieces cut and customized to your needs!
  • We specialize in custom color and sizing.
  • Chemotherapy and Medical needs all handled in private, comfortable, discreet surroundings.


Bang trim on wig or client $50

Haircut on wig $150 & up

Haircut on client $75 & up

Little GloGirl haircut $65 & up (12 & under)

WOW band cut $50

HALO cut $65

Wash & Set - Straight $39 & up

Wash & Set - Drop-off Same Day $65 & up


Single process on wig or client $85 & up

Single process with gloss on wig or client $110 & up

Wig or client gloss/toner $50 & up

Single process with half head highlight on client or wig $210 & up

Single process with full head highlight on client or wig $265 & up

Olaplex added to any color on wig or color $65 & up

Base change/rooting $65 & up

Full head highlight and Lowlight on wig or client $215 & up (with touchup $85 & up)

Half head highlight and lowlight on wig or client $115 & up (with touch-up $200)


Gloss $35 & up

Up-Do $75 & up

Conditioning Treatment $25

Clip Replacement $20 & up

Dry Set $30 & up

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