The Finest 100% Human Hair Wigs & Hair Extensions in Boca Raton, FL

Once limited to models and celebrities only, GloGirl offers the finest customized 100% human hair wigs, falls, toppers and extensions. Whether you need help with Alopecia, side effects of chemotherapy, general hair loss or religious observation, we are here for you!!
We customize each piece to your specifications in accordance with color, size and style preference because we believe that you, our customers, should always feel beautiful and confident and Glo from within!!
Stop by and visit our Vip Hair Lounge, or call for a no obligation consultation. Prior appointments encouraged for dedicated service.

We offer: Wigs, Extensions, Toppers, Falls

  • All hair pieces cut and customized to your needs!
  • We specialize in custom color and sizing.
  • Chemotherapy and Medical needs all handled in private, comfortable, discreet surroundings.


Bang trim on wig or client $50

Haircut on wig $150 & up

Haircut on client $75 & up

Little GloGirl haircut $65 & up (12 & under)

WOW band cut $50

HALO cut $65

Wash & Set - Straight $39 & up

Wash & Set - Drop-off Same Day $65 & up


Single process on wig or client $85 & up

Single process with gloss on wig or client $110 & up

Wig or client gloss/toner $50 & up

Single process with half head highlight on client or wig $210 & up

Single process with full head highlight on client or wig $265 & up

Olaplex added to any color on wig or color $65 & up

Base change/rooting $65 & up

Full head highlight and Lowlight on wig or client $215 & up (with touchup $85 & up)

Half head highlight and lowlight on wig or client $115 & up (with touch-up $200)


Gloss $35 & up

Up-Do $75 & up

Conditioning Treatment $25

Clip Replacement $20 & up

Dry Set $30 & up

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