Let’s be honest. Most women believe that their hair helps define their beauty and gives them a better sense of self-esteem when their crowning glory is looking right and delivering a good hair day. That is a normal feeling and a huge part of how we see ourselves as females.

When medical issues arise, however, we immediately start to worry what this might mean for our hair and how we might cope in the situation.

For example, will I lose many strands as a side effect of chemotherapy?

Does alopecia create bald spots?

Does this prescription drug cause hair loss?

Will menopause contribute to hair shedding or thinning?

These are difficult questions to face for any woman at any age, but knowing that the perfect custom wig for you is here at GloGirl in beautiful Boca Raton allows you to feel gorgeous and confident.

We are experts in everything pertaining to wigs, falls, toppers and extensions. Best of all, these lovely pieces are made from the finest 100-percent human hair. All you need to do is take a peek at what we offer, and you will be blown away by our amazing variety of wigs designed in all kinds of lengths, textures, and shades.

Wearing a custom wig has always been reserved for Hollywood A-listers who seem to have the ideal, flowing manes. Those times have changed because today, wigs and extensions have become fashionable accessories and are also often worn to conceal any medical, genetic or religious reasons for hair loss. In other words, you don’t need to attend a fancy event to wear a wig. You don’t have to only be a famous singer, model or actress to put your most attractive self forward. All you have to be is you, and know that you deserve to feel and look attractive with hair that has movement, shine, and a natural appearance.

Custom wigs at our GloGirl hair salon are the answer to any issue of hair loss, and our skilled and talented stylists are warm, compassionate and ready to assist you in creating the right wig look for your individual needs, preferences, and lifestyle. Our V.I.P. Hair Lounge makes you the star, and every detail is handled in our private, comfortable and discreet surroundings.

A wig tailored to your unique face shape, features and skin tone are just a few ways our hair experts design the perfect hair for you. We are the best when it comes to custom color and sizing, and all of our hair pieces are cut for your personal wishes. No two clients are alike, and no two wigs from GloGirl are ever the same.

To have incredible hair that you’ve always been used to really matters to a woman, and when it is gone or half of what it once was, it can destroy your self-confidence. Yes, it can be emotionally devastating. You might want to avoid certain social situations, so others can’t notice your hair challenges. You might feel as though you are losing your identity and femininity. It can be a solitary time that leaves you in tears but knows that you are not alone. Many women share in your story and fight back by searching for a solution and taking control.

The beauty industry is your answer. The advancements in hair and makeup are off the charts today. Wigs are no longer just a one-size-fits-all kind of option. Instead, modern techniques and products have improved greatly, and a custom wig is one of the beauty trends that has skyrocketed in popularity. In the right hands of a skilled stylist, a custom wig is cut and shaped exquisitely to look like your own natural hair. The hair color also adds the extra dimension to your custom wig. Some clients wish to maintain their natural shade, and others seek adventure by trying a new hair color. Here at GloGirl, we help you choose every facet in creating the ideal wig to wear.

A custom wig not only lets a woman feel like herself, both beautiful and strong, but there are also wonderful psychological benefits. The perfect wig can be become a transformational experience and really help a woman on her journey to recovery. She no longer sees herself as possibly weak, vulnerable, sick or isolated. She gets back to living life her way and feeling that essential sense of normalcy.

GloGirl takes great pride in offering personalized service for women undergoing any type of hair loss.

It’s easy to get the ball rolling with a phone call for a no-obligation consultation. Or you can also pop in to see our V.I.P. Hair Lounge.

Curly, straight, long, short, wavy, thick or fine, hair helps define us as women at every decade.