Let’s face it ladies; we all desire the perfect blowout style we see on Hollywood hair, but you can’t achieve the look at home by yourself.

Only a true professional can make your hair perform and stay that way in all its shiny, amazing volume and movement.

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GloGirl is a hair salon that’s all about the major blowout and the finest makeup that completes your image. Whether it’s a sun-kissed glow, doll lashes or a smoky eye, our salon delivers A-list makeup application in today’s hottest trends in cosmetics.

GloGirl is for the blowout obsessed, and our highly skilled glam squad can take your tresses to the next level. Best of all, the prices are affordable and fit right into your beauty budget. We even offer incredible services for bridal hair and makeup, so you don’t have to freak out on the most important day of your life.

Professional stylists here at GloGirl understand everything about hair, its texture, condition, weight and how to achieve a blowout that lasts, turns heads and is healthy for your mane.

The components of the ideal blowout involve more than just a great hair blower gadget. Our pros know how to create smooth and sleek, curls and body, retro waves, beach-y waves or any other blowout style you desire. We have the technique and know exactly how to set it and seal the look.

Make your appointment today, and see why GloGirl puts the ultimate glam in blow dry bars.