Trending: Blowouts Only

A bad hair day can really ruin a girl’s groove. It seems trite, but there is actually some psychology to back it up. Plus, any girl can tell you when you look good, you tend to feel good too.

For girls with “difficult” hair – you know, of the frizzy, curly, unruly variety – bad hair days are far too prevalent. That is why the recent trend of blow dry salons is revolutionary.

It used to be that the best hair days were reserved for haircut days. They stylist would shampoo, trim, shape, and provide a smooth blow out that left you bouncing around for the rest of the day ready to audition for a shampoo commercial. Then, for the six weeks between trims, you were left to your own devices to try to recreate the smooth bounce. You showered, applied product, and started the blow dryer. You pulled at your frizz with the roundest brush you could find. And after it was all said and done, you needed another shower from the workout that is trying to give yourself a salon-quality blowout.

Enter places like Glo Girl in Boca Raton, Florida. No cuts, no colors, just blowouts and makeup. The stylists know their way around a blow dryer and have become experts in smoothing your hair into bouncy healthy tresses, as that is all they do. Efficiency is their game; if you play your cards right you could get in and out on your lunch break. Plus, the price of this luxe indulgence is wallet friendly. Good hair day for somewhere around $40?! Yes please!

A quick blow dry is the go-to secret weapon for a date night, job interview, family photo shoot, holiday party, or just a random Wednesday to get you through the rest of the week feeling fly. The blow dryer has become a tool to give you a new look without the risk of catastrophe. A bad cut requires waiting for hair to grow out; however, a bad or not-as-you-expected blowout requires just adding some water and starting over again.

Fight the heat and humidity in Boca Raton and say buh-bye to bad hair days with a trip to Glo Girl Salon. Try a new look, give yourself a break and a little confidence!