Holiday Joy With Festive Eyes

We can finally dig through our wardrobe and throw on our best pieces as the winter season and its holidays arrive. Glitter, colorful sequins, velvet and, according to several fashionistas, black tights, and any strappy heel are a craze. This year on the catwalks for Fall/Winter lines, models donned edgy clothing with makeup in various forms. We enjoy making faces in Boca Raton holiday-ready; we are not just a hair salon. We can help you decide on makeup that best compliments your holiday wear. Here’s a fun trend to consider this season:

60’S Inspired Glamour
The swinging sixties; it was an era of youthful exploration and free experimentation. Makeup artists placed a lot of focus on the eye. Movie stars such as Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren, and Brigitte Bardot graced screens and magazines wearing dark eyes. The liner was thick and it flicked out and up at the ends. Powder eyeshadows were matte and colors remained nude or reflected bright Warhol palettes.

The most fearless makeup trend during this time was, undoubtedly, the use of faux eyelashes. 60’s glamour would not have existed without them. Many females wore them every day. Made primarily in black and brown colors, they were easily accessible and affordable. Glitter and rhinestones along with bright eyelids did help to make them pop but thick, black eyeliner truly was enough to create a signature look.

If you’d like a lighter eye, perhaps you’d prefer another popular style with a different bottom lash. The top lash would remain whole, more natural and liner would remain unflicked; for convenience, the bottom strip would be cut into pieces and slightly spaced when placed.

Lastly, the edgiest style of these would be the artistic creation of the spectacular star Twiggy. With the black liner, the eyelid crease is defined in an arch without being blended or smudged. The top eyelash is then placed and the bottom one is painted on.

Whether you opt for a 60’s styled eye or not, GloGirl is ready to make you shine.