Shiny, silky, soft hair is what most of us dream about, and it doesn’t have to be a fantasy or a luxury just for the rich and famous. Today, there are incredibly safe formulas like our chemical free keratin treatments that deliver smooth, humidity-free strands for weeks, and our team of professionals at Glo Girl Blow Dry & Makeup Bar in Boca Raton, Florida can create healthier, more manageable tresses for you.

None of us like dealing with frizzy hair, but we also don’t wish to see formaldehyde and other harsh chemicals included in keratin treatments that could potentially increase weakened locks and damage in the long run. That is why our team of experts use gentle and effective formulas that have perfected the smoothing technique for all kinds of hair textures, types, and colored strands.

We can help you achieve straighter, smoother, glossier locks that will yield salon-blowout results and a stronger head of hair. Best of all, our clients don’t need to worry about the burning that can occur on the scalp, unpleasant odors or have to wear a gas mask to protect themselves from the fumes of potentially harmful chemicals that arise from traditional formaldehyde-based keratin applications.

Instead, our clients enjoy the lux treatment at our beautiful Glo Girl hair salon and leave our Florida address with a new lease on life and fabulous, super-silky locks. We ensure that your high-maintenance hair routine can be cut in half after choosing our chemical free keratin treatments.

Tangled strands are no longer an issue, walking around in the humidity is not a worry, and you can exercise and not have to make your crowning glory the number one priority.

Your hair shouldn’t have to involve a tug of war because there are more important things in life to be enjoying. Let our team “straighten” everything out with hair that looks amazing without the flatness or formaldehyde. Make an appointment today, and let Glo Girl put the healthy goodness back into every strand.

Repeat after us: You are a goddess, and you are worthy.