Look Your Best. Feel Your Best. Marry Your Best Friend.

Your luxurious wedding in Boca Raton deserves only the finest details. You’ve found the perfect florist, you’ve got your something blue, and you’ll never forget the dozens of sublime cakes you’ve tasted before you settled on that one that makes you want to get married every day of your life. The wedding is less than a month away, and all that’s left to decide on is your hair. Up-dos, chignons, long luscious curls that fall delicately across your shoulders… So many different bridal hair and makeup styles which fit so many various motifs, it’s a wonder a girl could ever decide at all! Well, put those bridal magazines, and all your stress, away. We at Glo Girl are here to dry your tears by drying, styling, and setting your perfect bridal do.

Many of Glo Girl’s stylists have been in your shoes. No, not your Cinderella-like slipper that perfectly matches your dress. We’re talking wedding jitters. Our stylists each have an individual sense of fashion which enhances their ability to spot and fulfill your individual needs. Bring in pictures of your dress, shoes, makeup, and even hairstyle ideas and we will take all of these into consideration as we partner with you to choose your ideal style. Or, if you are just at the beginning of your planning phase, we can talk about your ideas and you can build your entire wardrobe around your lovely hair.

Glo Girl also understands how busy your schedule can be at this pivotal time in your life. That’s why we offer to bring our bridal services directly to your location! This way, on your big day, there won’t be any surprise windblown styles when you specifically planned for an elegant up do. It’s your wedding day. You’ve put in so much effort to enhance the loveliness of this day. Let us put your mind at ease, as you relax beneath the hands of our stylists. Look your best. Feel your best. Marry your best friend.