If you’re a blowout devotee, then you probably feel like you’ve hit the cheat code on great hair. When you get weekly blowouts, you don’t have to worry about styling your hair or even washing it. Plus, it’s easy to maintain your blowout if you know the right tricks.

However, when you throw workouts into the mix, maintaining a blowout can start to feel like a bit more of a challenge. Luckily, you can still stick to your hot yoga or lifting routine without having to sacrifice your beloved blowouts. Here’s how to solve the gym dilemma.

Dry Shampoo Is Your BFF
You probably already know how great dry shampoo is for maintaining a blowout. However, it’s indispensable when it comes to eradicating sweat and preserving your look after a workout. If you’re truly sweat-drenched after a workout, give your roots a blast of cold air from the blow dryer, then attack them with a generous application of dry shampoo. We recommend the R+Co dry shampoo, which is available at our Boca Raton hair salon.

Keep That Hair Smelling Divine
Although dry shampoo eliminates sweat odors at the root, your ends might still feel a little icky. Our favorite trick is to spritz a paddle brush with your favorite perfume and then brush it through your hair. It will give you just enough scent to lightly mask any odors from your workout.

Use A Headband
Yes, we know that those cheesy workout headbands might make you feel like you’re a background girl in an old Jane Fonda workout tape. But they’re really great for soaking up sweat and preventing your hair from becoming overly oily. We think that feeling a little bit dorky in the gym is worth it for keeping your blowout in tact.

If you use these tips, you can maintain your blowout no matter how hard you sweat it out at the gym. If you have a rest day in your workout routine, we recommend scheduling your blowout for the day before. That way, you can extend the amount of time that your blowout is able to settle without being affected by sweat.