The Makeup Looks You Need For Your Holiday Parties

Oh, holiday parties. They can be the highlight of the season or the bane of our existence. We love them because they’re the perfect chance for us to unwind and enjoy the season, but the getting-glam hustle can be quite the first class ticket on the struggle bus.

We here at GloGirl want to be your BFF this holiday season. Here are the makeup looks that you need for your holiday parties and how the glam squad at our Boca Raton location can help you achieve them.

The Look: Old school glamour
The Inspo: Lana Del Rey, Taylor Swift

To us, nothing screams “Christmas” more than a red lip. It’s classic, festive and can turn a simple little black dress into a va-va-voom vision. Since the red lip is so eye-catching, we don’t like to pair it with a smokey eye. Instead, we keep the lid simple but add even more of a bombshell edge with the application of false eyelashes.

What To Book: Ask for the classic Glo Glam With Lashes and let your makeup artist know that you want the lips red and bold

The Look: Smokey eyed and flawless
The Inspo: Mila Kunis, Kim Kardashian

A red lip might be glam, but it can be a pain-in-the-you-know-what if you’re sipping champagne and nibbling on hors d’oeuvres. If you want a sultry look that will make you the talk of the Hanukkah party, try a smokey eye with flawless skin and a nude lip.

What To Book: Request our signature Smoke and Mirrors

The Look: Bronzed and glowing
The Inspo: Ariana Grande, Shay Mitchell

You don’t have to go bold to be the gorgeous girl at your holiday bash. Instead of a heavy eye or lip, embrace your natural beauty with bronzer and highlighter, leaving others wondering if you just got back from a vacation to St. Tropez.

What To Book: Our Simply Glo-ing look is perfect for anyone who wants to light up the room at their next party or event

We’re not just a hair salon. Let the talented makeup artists at GloGirl be your best-kept secret for all of your special events. Call us today to book an appointment.