In terms of looking your best, there is no day bigger than the one that you say “I do.” For years to come, your hair will be immortalized in professional and amateur photos from your wedding day. It is a day you want to put your trust in a great stylist who understands the weight your nuptials hold for you.

Pouring over wedding magazines is fun, but can be really overwhelming. At Glow Girl in Boca Raton, our expertise is in styling and makeup. It’s all we do, so we can do it best! Our stylists are armed with the tools to make you look wedding day perfect and can provide suggestions if you are not sure what style to pick.

To help you in your search, we have pulled together some great options for brides. Take a look at some of these wedding day dos to inspire your customized look.

Classic Blowout

Is your ideal wedding look classic and chic, but not too frilly? A classic blowout could be the perfect look for you. This makes hair straight, shiny, and full of body, but without looking too “done.” It’s a natural-looking style that is versatile — matching a wide variety of gowns and wedding themes.

We can also do some curling with the blowout for a bit more drama. Our team is well-trained in using the blow-dryer and brushes to create full-bodied curls that will last long into the night.

High Pony

Looking to steal Arianna Grande’s signature look? The high-pony somehow manages to be both chic and edgy at the same time. This dramatic look puts the focus on your gorgeous face while staying out of the way so you can dance all night long. The look can be achieved with your natural locks or knock up the drama with extensions.

Asymmetrical Up-Do

Do you want your hair off your neck, but don’t want to look like a pageant queen (not that there’s anything wrong with that!)? Perhaps your style tends to lean towards the alternative or quickly? An asymmetrical up-do might be just the trick. You can have a low chignon with some floral ascents for a classic, but off-kilter look. Perhaps a french-twist with a zig-zag part is just the amount of funky for you.

The opportunities for fun details in this style of up-do are endless. It can be messy or sleek, curly or straight, fancy or casual, all depending on the end-result you desire.

Half-Up and Half-Down

It is your big day. Why should you have to choose between two options when you can have both? A hairstyle that is half-up and half-down is the best of both worlds. Just like with the asymmetrical style, the options for details are endless. You might pair this with a tiara or even go for a messy bun. Braids do well in half-up styles too!

Added bonus, half-up hair pulls the eyes up and makes your cheekbones pop!

The Bun

One of the best ways to make your face shine is to pull the hair back into a chic bun. If you love being active on the dancefloor and don’t want to worry about a hair out of place, the bun is where it’s at. It doesn’t have to be an uptight teacher either.

With experimentation, buns can be cute and comfy. We can add in a braid, some flowers, a fun part, or a head-piece. The function of the bun also allows for extensions or volume pieces to be added, if your hair falls on the thin side or you really want to make a statement. Also, nothing holds a veil better than a properly pinned bun.

Loose and Curly

There is nothing more romantic than a flowing, loosehead of curls. Great for a bohemian dress or a beachy vibe. Casual or hippie brides love a head full of loose, curly hair. Our expert stylist can make sure those waves stay looking good for hours with special blow-dry techniques and professional products.

Which of these looks do you love the most? We would love to see you in our hair salon on your big day! It would be an honor!