Back in the day, a blowout meant something happened to your car’s tire. Now, getting a blowout is a great thing. Because getting a blowout means you’re getting your hair done by the pros.

Blowouts give you an attractive hairstyle without getting a cut or permanent. You’ll get a shampoo, then get about 45 minutes of hairstyling bliss while we work on giving you your style. You’ll be able to saunter down the street or go to that party knowing you look fabulous and confident.

If you’re confused about the perfect gift for almost any occasion, give the gift of a stylish blowout to a friend or family member. Your wife would love a trip to the blow dry salon. Men can get gorgeous with professional hairstyling, too.

When do you need a blowout? You can get a blowout anytime for any reason. Or get a blowout for no reason in particular. Any time you’d like your hair done by a pro or need a treat, a blowout is an excellent idea. Plus, having your hair blown out by a professional is so much easier than doing the job yourself.

What are the Perks of Going to a blow dry salon?
A professional blowout done at a blowout salon has several advantages. First, and foremost, we desire for you to look your very best, so we do a great job styling your hair. Secondly, the more you have your hair styled at our Boca Raton hair salon, the more likely it is that your hairstyle will keep its shape for an extended period. Third, our services are so convenient that you’ll find yourself coming in anytime you’d like to look your best.

What Happens at a Blow Dry Bar or Salon?
A blow dry bar or salon only performs hair blowouts. No cuts, colors, or other services are done. You’ll get a wash, conditioning, and hairstyling using the blow-drier. You can also receive a scalp massage or hair mask to relax your mind and soothe your hair. You’ll get 45 minutes of caring treatment and relaxation while you receive a gorgeous hairdo. You can even get ready for an upcoming event, like a wedding, with your best friends when you schedule a private session.

Seven Steps to Blowout Heaven
1. We’ll get your hair ready for styling by using intense shampoo and unique conditioners.
2. We’ll towel-dry your hair to remove extra water.
3. We’ll apply detangler to your hair to help us style your hair with few to no tangles.
4. We use specialized hair clips to keep your hair sectioned off, and to prevent dents in your do.
5. We blow out your hair using our unique blow drier and ceramic brushes. We’re specially trained to know how to get fantastic hairstyling results using only blow dryers and brushes. These tools also eliminate frizz.
6. A “cool shot” technique is then used to set your hairstyle and help it to last. This process also adds a high level of shine to your hair’s appearance.
7. Finally, we add texture and dimension to your hair using our finishing products.
Not only do you get an elegant hairstyle using no curlers, hot irons or straighteners, but you’ll also gain a long-lasting style. Professional blowouts can last from three to five days.

One bonus of having blowouts done routinely remains that your hair will start adapting to the shape and style of the design. When it molds itself to the design, it lasts a little longer each time you get a blowout.

On top of getting professional treatment for a long-lasting blowout hairdo, we’ll also educate you on hairstyle techniques, dry shampoo, and conditioners, how to absorb oil in your hair and how to keep your style going between sessions.

Some individuals may be concerned about overheating their hair. But at GloGirl, we take the time to do your hair correctly without overheating it with a style done too hot or too fast. A correctly done blow dry style remains safer for your hair than using a straightener or curling iron. Plus, you’ll only need to design your hairstyle a time or two per week, instead of doing it once per day.

Another service we offer our beloved customers is makeup application. Are you getting married? Do you have a special event for which you want to look gorgeous? Our makeup pros can give you the hairstyle of your dreams. We can also polish your look by giving you the appropriate makeup application to suit your occasion. Also, we’ll provide you with makeup tips that you can use at home to improve your daily makeup applications.

For additional information on scheduling your design blowout, please contact the experts at GloGirl or see our website at. We offer makeup applications and expert blowouts at affordable prices in a fun atmosphere.